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ABG Analyser for Android


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Download Applikasi ABG Analyser Apk Terbaru Gratis

Unduh ABG Analyser untuk ponsel Android, ini adalah software terbaik gratis di bawah favorit komunitas pengguna. Tentunya Anda akan puas app ABG Analyser .

Informasi Applikasi:
- Nama: ABG Analyser
- Ukuran:
- Penerbit: Ibnouf's Created Appsツ
- Diperbarui: 6 Oktober 2016
- Perlu Android versi: 2.3 dan lebih tinggi
- Versi Saat Ini:
- Pemasangan: 10.000 - 50.000

Gambar Applikasi ABG Analyser android terbaru

Applikasi Android ABG Analyser Gratis Terbaru

Download ABG Analyser Baru Gratis Untuk Android

Download ABG Analyser Baru Gratis Untuk Android

A very smart and simple ABG analysing tool, helpful for students, nurses, doctors and even paramedics. You can share your results also with your friends, tutors and your supervisors.
Arterial blood gases is an essential investigation to differentiate between types of respiratory system failure and even knowing the cause of the various acid-base disturbance conditions, e.g: respiratory acidosis vs. metabolic acidosis, respiratory alkalosis vs. metabolic alkalosis, mixed and complicated disorders and even knowing the degree of compensation if present.
ABG also helps in differentiating between lung injury vs. ARDS by equations also included in this app. This application can also distinguish between either causes of A-a gradient disturbances from the ABG parameters you will enter, and much more....

# We are glad to announce the launch of the PRO version of this app "ABG Analyser Pro"; a much better, stable, and professional version containing the whole library for ABG, here is the link:


1. Ads Free version.

2. ABG Technique: Arterial blood sample taking technique, contraindications, precautions and the use of Allen's Test, and complications possible; all with pictures and from A-Z.

3. ABG Teacher: a step by step complete library with applicable examples including:
a. ABG Validity and Accuracy checking by equations.
b. Six easy steps for analysing any possible ABG.
c. Knowledge about Base Excess and how it is useful.
d. Advanced Equations and its application with examples: always needed for more precise diagnosis: Anion Gap, Osmolar Gap, Delta ratio, and Advanced Oxygen Equations: Oxygen content, A-a gradient, and PaO2:FiO2 ratio.\
e. Different Diagnosis for any acid:base disorder: causes of respiratory alkalosis, metabolic alkalosis, respiratory acidosis, and metabolic acidosis. Moreover; causes of high and normal anion gap metabolic acidosis. Further more; the possible diagnosis in cases of Osmolar Gap, Delta ratio, and Advanced Oxygen Equations abnormalities.
f. Special Circumstances as ABG can be normal but....

4. Useful links: as we have a continuous updates for your knowledge about ABG.

Enjoy this application and share if you want, put comments and rate for better improvement of the application.
Gratis ABG Analyser Applikasi untuk android
Download Applikasi Android ABG Analyser Gratis Terbaru

Gambar ABG Analyser Gratis Untuk Android Baru
Download ABG Analyser Gratis Untuk Android Baru

Saya berharap Anda hari yang menyenangkan dan nyaman di dalam website kami. Sekarang men-download Applikasi ABG Analyser untuk android gratis untuk hari ini.

Download ABG Analyser for Android


APK file


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