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Bubble level for Android


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Download Bubble level Apk Terbaru Gratis Untuk Android

Game Android Terbaik Apk adalah situs yang Anda bersedia untuk mengubur diri di dalamnya dan di atas semua itu tumbuh dengan kecepatan yang luar biasa. Hari ini kami ingin memperkenalkan kepada Anda " Bubble level " - aplikasi gratis untuk aplikasi Android sedang oleh masyarakat tarik yang tak tertahankan itu. Unduh " Bubble level " untuk android telepon.

Informasi Applikasi:
- Nama: Bubble level
- Ukuran:
- Penerbit: Antoine Vianey
- Diperbarui: 11 Mei 2017
- Perlu Android versi: 3.0 dan lebih tinggi
- Versi Saat Ini:
- Pemasangan: 10.000.000 - 50.000.000

Unduh Gratis Bubble level Applikasi Untuk Android
Gambar Bubble level Gratis Untuk Android Baru

Unduh Applikasi Bubble level Untuk Android Gratis
Unduh Applikasi Bubble level Untuk Android Gratis

A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate, simple to use and incredibly useful tool for your Android device. Hold any of the phone's four sides against an object to test it for level or plumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.

● Calibrate any side independently
● Calibrate relatively (another object surface) or absolutely (earth gravity)
● Show angle in degree, inclination in percent, roof pitch or inches per foot (:12)
● Sound effects to calibrate without looking at the phone
● Install on SD
● Orientation locking

Where can you use Bubble Level ?

A bubble level is usually used in construction, carpentry and photography to determine if objects on which you're working on are level. Used properly, a bubble level can help you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture, help you when hanging paintings or other items on the wall, level billiard table, level table tennis table, set up a tripod for photographs and much more. It’s a must have device for any home or apartment.

● Alignment of the picture, board, furniture, wall and etc.!
● Calculation of different angles in various situations!
● Checking your table, shelf and surface level of every face-up objects!
● Tracking the inclination of bike, car and etc.

These are the main occasions of app usage, but you’ll find much more in practice!

This application can also be used as a clignometer or inclinometer to measure angle of slope using three different units of measure: degrees, percent, and topo. It is also known as a tilt meter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge, level meter, declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.
Gambar Bubble level Applikasi Untuk Android Gratis

Gambar Applikasi Bubble level Apk Untuk Android

Gambar Applikasi Bubble level Untuk Android

Image Bubble level gratis untuk android

- Semoga Anda hari bahagia. Cepat Applikasi Bubble level untuk android free download

Download Bubble level for Android


APK file


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