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Protection For Life for Android


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Unduh Game Android Protection For Life Terbaru

Jika Anda mencari aplikasi yang mudah digunakan, antarmuka yang intuitif dan berisi semua fitur yang Anda butuhkan, silahkan download Protection For Life . Aplikasi ini adalah gratis dan sangat berguna bagi pengguna.

Informasi Game:
- Nama: Protection For Life
- Ukuran:
- Penerbit: Steve Hatch
- Versi Saat Ini:
- Pemasangan: 5.000 - 10.000
- Diperbarui: 1 Juli 2015
- Perlu Android versi: 2.3 dan lebih tinggi

Unduh Game Android Protection For Life Apk Terbaru Gratis

Download Game Protection For Life Untuk Android Terbaru

Image Game Protection For Life Android Terbaru Gratis

Unduh Gratis Game Protection For Life Apk Untuk Android

Self defense is not a luxury anymore. Just take a loot at the local newspaper or TV news programs. Attacks are getting more and more common, on the streets, roads and even inside the family.

Protection For Life brings a ideal mixture of training videos, ideas and concepts that will help anyone learn how to protect himself or herself.

•Security Awareness - Know what to look for so you know how to avoid trouble before it starts
•Attack Avoidance - Learn to get out of bad situations quickly, before you get hurt
•Personal Defense Strikes - Take charge and defend yourself with easy-to-master moves
•Counter Movements - Show them who's boss and surprise your attacker with effective strength against his aggression
•Disarm their Weapons - If they've got a weapon (a Pistol, Knife or Shotgun), you'll have the techniques to disarm them and stay safe

Protection For Life helps Women Protect Themselves In A Time Of Need. The app outlines a simple, easy to learn and effective Way to protect yourself.

The instruction videos the app features contain simple moves, strikes and punches that are designed to let ANYONE gain a self defense ability that will stay with you forever. Anyone can be taught to strike at an attackers vulnerable points but the trick is to make it easy, fast and to make it last.

A large part of self defense is situational awareness and attack avoidance. The app will teach you how to think in order to minimize the chance of you being attacked, if it means planning your route in advance, staying in the lighted sections or learning to spot who is walking behind you and where does he keep his hands.

Self Defense should be taught only by experts and Steve Hatch from Steel Knight is a professional who is working in the fields for decades.
Steel Knight's Protection for Life online Course has helped thousands of people prepare for potentially bad situations.
Certified Expert And Black Belt Steve Hatch Will Show You How!
Steel Knight is a family operated company that cares about the safety of your family and loved ones. We pride ourselves in teaching you simple but lethal tactics to survive and overcome a violent crime. In today’s society statistics tells us that at least one of my three daughters or wife will be put into a life or death struggle due to a Violent Crime (Mugging, Rape, Kidnap, etc). I want to make sure that my family has the strategies and techniques to be a Survivor and Not a Victim, and I want the same for you and your family as well
Steel Knight & Associates
Unduh Gratis Game Protection For Life Apk

Unduh Gratis Protection For Life Game Untuk Android

Download Game Protection For Life Apk Baru Gratis
Download Game Protection For Life Apk Baru Gratis

Terima kasih menonton! Semoga Anda memiliki saat-saat bahagia dalam website kami, Tapi itu tidak ragu lagi kecuali segera Download Game Protection For Life pada android Anda.

Download Protection For Life for Android


APK file


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